North America Territorial History Animated Map

This is an animated history map that shows territorial change in North America from 1750 to 2008. The territories shown indicate nations, excluding Native Americans, who had control over territories in present day Canada, United States of America, and Mexico during the time period indicated on the map (see top left corner and/or the timeline at the bottom of the map).

North America Territorial History (1750 – 2008)

North America Territorial History

Missile Mail

Missile Mail USPS 1959 Rocket Mail

In June 1959 the USPS (then known as the United States Post Office Department) used a Regulus cruise missile to send 3,000 pieces of mail from Virginia to Florida. This was the United States Postal Service’s first and only delivery of “Missile Mail”.  The missile, containing commemorative mail addressed to government officials, was launched off the coast of Virginia from the Navy submarine USS Barbero. The Missile Mail travelled at around 600 mph, successfully reaching the Mayport, Florida Naval Auxiliary Air Station in 22 minutes.

This was not the first time mail was delivered via rocket. Rocket mail dates back to the early 1930s, the earliest example took place in Austria more than 28 years before USPS Missile Mail launch. Throughout the 1930s experiments with rocket mail delivery took place Austria, Germany, the UK, and India. There were also several short distance rocket mail launches in the United States during the 1930s. These early US launches were carried out by amateurs or business ventures, not the USPS, and the rockets travelled less than 100 yards.

USPS Missile Mail

Octopus Wrestling

Octopus wrestling is a sport
Check out the Seattle Time’s article on Octopus Wrestling to learn more about this unusual sport.
Octopus Wrestling is an actual sport. It was most popular in the Western United States from the 1940s through 1960s. The Octopus Westling World Championships were held in Puget Sound, Washington during the 1960s. The events were televised and attracted more than 5000 live spectators.

How many red blood cells are in the human body?

how many red blood cells are in the human body

So… if the human body makes 2.4 million red blood cells every second, how many red blood cells are in the human body?

Red blood cells make up about one quarter of all cells in the human body. At any given time, humans have somewhere between 20 to 30 trillion red blood cells in their body. Women have about 4 to 5 million per cubic millimeter and men have 5 to 6 million per cubic millimeter. People living at higher altitudes will have a higher number of red blood cells.